Amplify Your Brand with Fridai

Discover the Power of Niche Audience Engagement


$ 100
  • One live mention during the podcast.
  • Logo placement in one episode’s description on all platforms.
  • Single social media shoutout on one platform.


$ 300
  • Two live mentions during the podcast – beginning and end.
  • Logo placement in episode descriptions across all platforms for a month.
  • Featured in a weekly newsletter for the duration of the contract.
  • Social media shoutouts across all your platforms once a week.


$ 600
  • Multiple live mentions in each episode.
  • Permanent logo placement in all episode descriptions and prominent placement during the live stream.
  • A dedicated segment or feature in the podcast (e.g., "This segment brought to you by...").
  • Weekly social media posts across all platforms, including interactive content (e.g., Q&As, polls) mentioning the sponsor.
  • Inclusion in all newsletters and promotional materials during the contract.

Why Choose Us

Targeted Audience Reach

Advertisers can effectively communicate their message to a highly targeted group, potentially leading to better conversion rates and a stronger return on investment.

Early Adopter Advantage

Advertisers can establish a long-term relationship with your audience, positioning themselves as forward-thinking and supportive of emerging platforms.

Cross-Platform Visibility

Advertisers gain exposure across various platforms, maximizing their visibility and allowing them to connect with a wider audience.

Customized Advertising Solutions

Advertisers can enjoy creative and customized advertising that resonates more effectively with listeners, enhancing brand recall and audience connection.


Fridai is a dynamic podcast airing live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We cater to a diverse audience interested in Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Our listeners are primarily tech focused small business owners.

We offer three main advertising packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium, each designed to cater to different advertising needs and budgets.

1. Basic Package

Ideal for small businesses or startups.

2. Standard Package

Targeted towards established businesses looking for balanced exposure.

3. Premium Package

Designed for larger companies seeking maximum exposure.

We recommend considering your advertising goals and budget. Our Basic package is great for startups, the Standard package offers balanced exposure, and the Premium package provides comprehensive, high-impact brand integration. We’re also happy to discuss custom solutions.

Absolutely! We understand that each business has unique needs. We’re open to customizing packages to better align with your specific advertising objectives.

We offer regular reports detailing key metrics such as audience reach, engagement rates, and listener demographics. This data can help you gauge the effectiveness of your advertising.

Our standard contracts range from one month to a quarter, with options for longer-term partnerships. We also offer discounts and additional benefits for long-term commitments.

Yes, our Premium package and custom deals can include segment-specific sponsorships or special episode sponsorships. This is a great way to align your brand with particular content that resonates with your target audience.

You can provide a pre-made ad, or we can collaborate to create engaging content that aligns with our podcast style and your brand messaging. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the ad resonates with our audience.

We use various tools to track ad performance, including listener engagement and click-through rates. We share these insights in our regular reports.

To get started, simply contact us. We’ll discuss your advertising goals and help you select or customize the perfect package for your needs.

Amplify Your Brand with Fridai

Discover the Power of Niche Audience Engagement

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