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Dive into the groundbreaking world of artificial intelligence on FRIDAI, where we kick off 2024 with a bang, featuring engaging discussions on AI’s pivotal role in transforming small businesses. Our hosts, alongside AI aficionados Kasim and Rachel, navigate the exciting prospects and challenges AI presents to small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers aiming to thrive in the new year. This episode is a treasure trove of insights into leveraging AI for business growth, from introducing new AI-driven courses and content to real-world applications that streamline operations and foster innovation. We explore various AI tools, like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and smart applications embedded in everyday software, unveiling their potential to revolutionize how small businesses function. Join us as we dissect the future of AI in business, share practical tips for implementation, and discuss the ethical implications of AI adoption. Whether you’re an AI skeptic or enthusiast, this episode promises a comprehensive look into making AI work for your business.


  • (1:03 – 2:27) Excitement about the year’s agenda focusing on AI for small businesses.
  • (2:40 – 3:58) Introduction to new AI courses and content aimed at business transformation.
  • (4:50 – 6:59) Discussion on favorite AI tools and their impact on efficiency and creativity.
  • (7:00 – 9:06) Rachel’s perspective on cautiously embracing AI.
  • (11:39 – 15:02) Exploring cutting-edge AI applications in business and personal projects.
  • (15:02 – 17:26) Anticipating AI trends and innovations in 2024.
  • (23:47 – 24:48) Highlighting steps for implementing AI in small businesses effectively.


Host Bios:

Andrew Wall: A distinguished Chartered Professional Accountant and IT expert, recognized among the top 100 Accounting influencers globally, with his firm acclaimed as a leading cloud accounting brand in North America. Connect with Andrew Wall on LinkedIn.

Rachel Stedman: Joined CPA4IT in 2005 as a Paralegal, advancing to Customer Service Manager, the primary contact for clients, fostering high satisfaction and strong relationships. Contributed to marketing and company development, she is now also serving as Internal Auditor. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

Muhammad Qasim Mukhtar: Muhammad, joining the firm in 2020, is a passionate young professional from Pakistan with a love for music and guitar. He works as a Digital Marketing Associate, focusing on implementing digital marketing strategies and creating content for social media channels. Connect with Muhammad on LinkedIn.


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