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In this transformative episode of FRIDAI, we’re honored to host Hitendra Patil, a pioneer in blending artificial intelligence with accounting. Hitendra, the esteemed author of “Rise of the AI Accountants,” unravels the complexities of AI and its profound impact on accounting practices. This episode is a goldmine for professionals eager to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving accounting landscape. Patil’s insights are not just theoretical musings; they are practical, real-world applications that can redefine the way accountants operate, bringing efficiency, accuracy, and foresight into their daily work. Discover how AI is not merely a tool but a transformative force reshaping the very fabric of the accounting industry. As we navigate this conversation, we uncover the future of accounting in an AI-driven world, and how professionals can harness AI to not only transform their practices but also provide exceptional value to their clients. Get ready to be inspired and informed about the future of accounting with AI.

  • (2:08 – 4:14) Discussing the evolution and influence of AI in the field.
  • (4:14 – 7:08) The interdisciplinary approach of AI mimicking human senses.
  • (11:49 – 15:00) Using AI to improve client services and internal efficiency.
  • (15:00 – 17:19) Steps for incorporating AI into accounting workflows.
  • (20:16 – 23:33) The potential of AI in continuous tax strategy and audit processes.
  • (41:02 – 47:57) Ethical considerations and the responsible use of AI technology.


Guest Bio

Hitendra Patil, a visionary in the fields of accounting and artificial intelligence, is the celebrated author of “Rise of the AI Accountants.” With his deep insights and practical strategies, Patil guides professionals through the AI revolution in accounting, making complex concepts accessible to all. Connect with Hitendra Patil on LinkedIn.


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Hitendra Patil’s Book: Purchase “Rise of the AI Accountants” on Amazon.

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